Just in Time: 10 Incredible Facts About The Incredibles

The Incredibles 2 will be hitting theaters everywhere on June 15th, which is almost too much to contain ourselves. We are so excited for this film! While you might remember the movie, you might not know some of the truly incredible secrets behind the scenes! Today, we’ll go over our 10 favorite Incredible facts about The Incredibles so you can get in on the secret with us! Enjoy!

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1. Metroville, the name of the town that the Parr’s reside, is actually a combination of the names Smallville and Metropolis from Superman! As always, we can depend on Pixar to come up with something absolutely genius, only to make it just a tiny part of the amazing complete picture.

2. Samuel L. Jackson was cast as Frozone because his voice is so...cool. Yep. You read that correctly. “Who could we possibly have as the voice of this superhero that shoots ice out of his hands? Why, the coolest person ever, of course!” It makes so much sense!

3. The Incredibles was Pixar’s first movie using primarily human characters. While human characters had been a part of movies in the past, no human characters were the central focus of any Pixar movie prior to The Incredibles! As their first “real” foray into the realm of human animation, we think they did an incredible job!

4. Edna Mode is voiced by the movie’s director...Brad Bird. Again...shocking! Edna is one of Pixar’s most beloved characters, even though she doesn’t have that many lines, all thanks to her hilarious personality and, of course, the way she says, “dahling”! Little did we all know when we first saw the film, she’s played by a man!

5. Dash sounds out of breath all the time because he actually was. During the recording process, director Brad Bird made Spencer Fox, the voice of Dash, run laps around the studio in order to give him a more realistic out-of-breath voice. It worked! That kiddo sounds winded!

6. The original title of the film was The Invincibles. Personally, I think The Incredibles sounds a lot better anyway! But, this is just a testament to how critical Pixar is about every single detail. Would the movie have been equally awesome with the name The Invincibles? Probably! We will never know, but it’s definitely fun to think about!

7. Each characters’ personality is personified in their superpowers. While Mr. Incredible is strong in his opinions and firm on his beliefs, his powers are super strength! Elastigirl stretches herself thin just trying holding their family together, and her power is unlimited stretchiness! Violet is more quiet and protective of her emotions and is able to cast a powerful shield and turn invisible, while her energetic and distracted brother has exemplary super-speed! Even Frozone, who’s obviously the coolest person in Metroville, has ice as a superpower! It all fits!

8. Syndrome’s appearance is strikingly similar to that of director Brad Bird. It’s reported that after being much too far into development to make any changes, Bird finally realized the resemblance. Bird has mentioned that it was his fascination with superhero comics as a child that led to the idea for this movie, so it’s almost more fitting that the character who loves superheroes the most is modeled after him, right?

9. Mr. Incredible’s GPS of Metroville in the opening sequence is actually modeled after the area surrounding Pixar’s headquarters. Again, as if they couldn’t be more impressive, Pixar leaves us with another subtle reference that blows us away! This is so cool!

10. The code-name for The Incredibles during production was “Tights”. Okay, I genuinely laughed at this one. How awesome? Tights?! It’s perfect. And so obvious, in retrospect. Pixar is amazing, and we cannot wait for the release of The Incredibles 2!

We’ll see you after the premiere!
Stay Magical, Walt Lifer!


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