DIY Disney Foods for Fall!

We all know what happens when fall comes around, pumpkin spice, sweaters, and scones. However, I would argue there's a more universal theme in the fall: comfort food! Today, we're going to show you some of our favorite DIY Disney recipes from our favorite Disney Fan Chefs, so you can celebrate the season with a stomach full of scrumptious treats!

1. Disneyland’s Apple Pie Caramel Apples - Recipe by FavFamilyRecipes

This is one of our favorite "Fall"-ish DIY foods, and the best part is you can totally make them at home. Here are the recipe and instructions from FavFamilyRecipes:

4 large Granny Smith apples
5-6 c. caramels or appx. 1 bag Kraft Caramel bits
7-8 cinnamon graham crackers or 1 prepared pie crust
1 1/2 lbs. melting chocolates or chocolate chips
cinnamon and sugar to taste (appx 2 Tbsp sugar + 1/8 tsp. cinnamon)
8 large marshmallows optional.. only if you want to make "ears"

Scrub apples and dry with a dishcloth or paper towel. This is to get the wax coating off (if you REALLY want to get the wax off, drop them in boiling water for a few seconds and wipe dry).
Refrigerate apples for a few hours until they are nice and cold.
Melt caramel in the microwave (in a microwave-safe dish) for 30 seconds at a time until caramel is nice and melted or follow directions on package if using the Bits. If you are using un-wrapped caramels you can also put the caramels in a small crock pot on high heat until melted.
Place caramel apple sticks or popsicle sticks into the top of each apple and dip each apple into the caramel until fully coated, rotating the apple as needed. Let excess caramel drip off and then place on wax paper. Refrigerate at least 2-3 hours until caramel is completely cooled onto the apples.
In a food processor, process graham crackers (or pie crust) until well blended. If doing a pie crust, add a little cinnamon and sugar to the mixture. Place in a bowl and set aside.
Melt chocolate in a microwave-safe dish in the microwave until chocolate is just melted and there are no lumps. Dip each apple in the chocolate and allow chocolate to set up for a few seconds. When chocolate has set a little, roll the bottom half in processed graham cracker crumbs (or crust). Sprinkle entire apple with cinnamon and sugar and set aside.
Optional: Once the chocolate on the apples has set, roll each marshmallow in the chocolate and place on the apples to make "ears". Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar and hold in place until set.

We absolutely adore this recipe, and it is delicious! They totally nailed it with the marshmallows, and also the "pie crust" on the bottom! Give these a shot with the kiddos, or surprise friends and family with a wonderful treat! They're sure to make for a Magical time!

2. S'mores Bake Recipe from Big Thunder Ranch BBQ - Recipe by TheDisneyDiner

Red from TheDisneyDiner has some of the most Magical DIY recipes out there, so if you're looking for something other than a S'mores Bake, we highly recommend you check out her YouTube Channel: Texas Red's Travels and look for her recipe playlists! Below is the video she posted with the instructions for her S'mores Bake recipe, along with the ingredients list!

1 (18 ounce) brownie mix
eggs and oil (as indicated on back of brownie mix package)
1 (10 ounce) bag of large marshmallows
1/2 cup hot fudge topping
8 sheets of graham crackers (honey or cinnamon)

Instructional Video

3. Disneyland's Mickey Mouse Beignets - Recipe by Chef In Training

New Orleans has always been known for their amazing cuisine; gumbo, po'boy, and shrimp creole, to name a few. But, one thing you can never get enough of in New Orleans is beignets! Thankfully, Disneyland agrees, and they've got their own amazing recipe for Mickey Mouse beignets that are sure to satisfy your taste buds. As it turns out, Chef In Training, a notorious Disney DIY foodie, got ahold of the recipe! Here it is with her instructions; you're really going to love them!

½ tsp. dry yeast
¼ cup warm water, (105 degrees F)
¼ cup sugar
2 Tbsp. vegetable shortening
½ tsp. salt
½ cup heavy cream
1 egg
4 cups All Purpose Flour
½ cup boiling water
vegetable oil for frying
powdered sugar

honey butter

Sprinkle yeast over warm water in a small bowl, stirring to dissolve. Let stand for 5 minutes.
Combine sugar, shortening, salt, heavy cream, egg, flour and boiling water in a large bowl; stir in yeast mixture. With the dough hook attachment of an electric mixer on medium speed, mix the dough just until combined and smooth. Let dough rest for 30 minutes.
Roll to ¼-inch thickness and cut individual beignets with a Mickey Mouse-shaped cutter or cut into 2½ to 3-inch squares. Cover with a towel and let the dough rise until doubled in size in a warm, draft-free area, about 1 to 1½ hours. Heat 3 inches of vegetable oil to 350°F in a deep, heavy pot over medium-high heat. Fry beignets until golden brown, about 2 to 3 minutes, turning as soon as they brown on one side. Remove with tongs and place on paper towels to drain. Dust warm beignets with powdered sugar and serve immediately. You can also spread some honey butter on them if you would like.

There ya have it! Three delightful recipes for the DIY Disney foodies out there! Celebrate Fall the right way, with a delicious treat in hand and a smile on your face! Until next time, stay magical, and enjoy!


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