It's the Perfect Time to Visit the Parks!

There's at least a couple of reasons to get out of your hometown during the month of January, for some, it's because it's frigid cold, and for others, it's just time for a break from everyday life and time for a vacation! You may not have known, but January is actually the perfect time to visit Disney World! Not only are prices for airlines and hotels lower during this time of year, but the Parks are also far less crowded than many other times of year! In today's blog, we'll cover why the end of January is the perfect time to visit, which Parks you should keep your eye on, and what events you can expect to take part in during your visit!

Around this time of year, you've already gotten over the Holiday buzz, and it's back to work. For many folks, the Holidays are the time for travel, so their plans for the next vacation fall many months after Winter finally tucks back behind the curtain. However, for others, waiting through the Holidays until the heart of winter is their method for vacationing. I'm not here to tell you what to do, but I am here to tell you that those folks are onto something. When it comes to the Parks, it seems Disney fans follow the more traditional route. One of the busiest times of the season at the Parks is the end of December into the beginning of January, however, as we mentioned in the beginning of the blog, the end of January sees visitor numbers plummet to some of the lowest of the entire year.

One of the drawbacks of the Parks (if you can even call it that) is waiting in line. No matter how many Fast Passes you secure, you're going to have to wait for something at some point. But, what about times when the Parks are low in visitors? Well, those lines are certainly much shorter! I couldn't find a figure or exact number comparing one month to another, but over at, they show that the predicted wait time for massively popular attractions (like Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin) are as low as 15 minutes for certain parts of the day! That is SO MUCH BETTER than the wait times in December, where much of the day the waits are as long (or longer) than 60 minutes!

Another reason why January is a great month to visit is the weather. While it's still humid at the Parks during the winter months, it's definitely not as warm as it gets during the thick of summer. Rather than walking around the Parks in 100-degree heat with 100% humidity, go during January when the average temperature in Orlando is a mild 72-degrees!

Aside from January being a nice time for a visit, you'll want to pay close attention to how busy the specific Parks are during this time of year. As always, the Magic Kingdom is the busiest and most-attended Park at Disney World. That's certainly to-be-expected. However, if you plan your visit for the right time of the week, and the right time of the month, you'll find that each Park will (at some point) have the perfect time and day to visit without being bogged down by thousands of visitors. The Magic Kingdom is a great example, actually. Over on, you'll see that Tuesday and Thursday are great days to pop over to the Magic Kingdom! Both of those days score a 1/10 on visitors (which is the lowest possible rating) from open to close - so, if you're visiting Disney World in January, go to the Magic Kingdom on a Tuesday or Thursday and you'll have a much easier time enjoying all of the attractions on your list without crazy lines and wait-times!

In nearly perfect correlation, Epcot gets really busy on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so pick another day of the week to visit that Park, and you'll already have 2 full-days set up on the calendar! Hollywood Studios and the Animal Kingdom are spottier this time of year, though, so those two could fill in the other two days (or one day if you're ambitious) of your visit. Neither Park gets super packed throughout the week, though, so you wouldn't be making a mistake no matter which day you choose to visit! If you're looking to make a Thursday-Sunday trip, your ideal itinerary might look like this:

Thursday: Magic Kingdom
Friday: Epcot
Saturday: Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom
Sunday: Wrap-up your visit

Finally, January is a time at Disney World that is chock-full of great events that are not to be missed! In the Magic Kingdom, there are two daily events, Festival of Fantasy at 3pm and Happily Ever After at 8pm, as well as special Park hours dispersed throughout the month. Over at Epcot, there are three events you can count on every single day in January: the Festival of the Arts, the World Showcase, and IllumiNations at 9pm! Hollywood Studios has two daily events, Star Wars: A Galactic Adventure (my personal favorite!) and Fantasmic! in the evening. Finally, the Animal Kingdom has two Rivers of Light events every single day. You won't want to miss any of these amazing events, and January is the perfect time for you to take part in them!

Well, there ya have it! Visit the Parks in January, if you can! You'll be super happy you did!

That's it for today. We hope you have a fantastic day! Stay Magical!