Disney Life arrives in 2019! What is it?!

Disney Life arrives in 2019! What is it?!

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Here's the deal, Disney has been talking about their own streaming service for a couple of years, and we just can't wait another minute for it to be released. Unfortunately, those of us in the United States are going to have to wait a while longer. Thankfully, the projected late-2019 release is fast-approaching, but we're waiting on the edges of our seats. 

The service promises to be much like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, in that you'll be able to stream shows and movies from any device any time you'd like, except there's one big difference - you're only going to be able to watch Disney owned content on Disney Life. Now, that's not so bad, 'cause honestly, that's all we're looking for, right? Right. We cannot wait to see what's in store, whether there'll be new Disney-created content exclusive to the platform or not, what movies will be brought back out of the vault to be on the platform, and if there will be other features like music made available to watch.

As of right now, we're not exactly sure what's going to happen on the platform, but what we do know, we're going to outline for you below.

What is Disney Life?

As mentioned above, Disney Life is the new streaming service created by Disney, set to be released before the end of 2019 in the United States. The service is actually already available in the United Kingdom, and it seems to be going very well. According to reviews on YouTube and around the internet, there's much more than just classic Disney movies available on the UK version of the platform. Here's a review from UnofficialQuaffleCast with some sneak peeks at the content:

What will it cost me?

Again, we don't have all the details here, but from what we do know, Disney plans on making it much cheaper than you'd expect. According to reports, Disney has refuted claims that Disney Life will be more expensive than it's competitors Netflix and Amazon Prime. When you think about it, that actually makes a ton of sense. Disney owns all of this content. They're not relying on subscription sales to make up for the lost costs of contracts to the rights to stream the movies and shows. So, as we've heard, they plan on making the monthly rate substantially lower than the $12.99 you might be paying for Netflix. How awesome is that?

Is there going to be platform-exclusive content?

This is another big question that, thankfully, has already been answered. The answer is yes. There will, indeed, be movies and TV shows that are only released on the Disney Life app. From what we've seen, there are already plans (and filming in some cases) for a Star Wars show as well as a Marvel show! It's our understanding that Disney is planning to use Star Wars and Marvel to really beef up the hype around this app, so it's safe to expect that they're not going to shy away from making their own content for the show. Apparently, they also plan to release a bunch of unreleased behind-the-scenes and background content for a lot of the shows and movies as well. As we saw in the review video above, Disney has much more to offer than they've let us get our hands on over the years, so it's going to be really exciting to see what else they have in store.

What about the movies that are in the 'Vault'?

Here's where things get a little tricky. We're not sure. Although we've seen (and heard) some reports from years back that tell us the vault will effectively disappear when the app is released, we're not entirely certain what that will mean. Will they put movies on the app and take them off periodically? Will all of the old Disney content be available indefinitely? We don't know, but we sure hope that's the case! Imagine being able to watch Fantasia and The Lion King back-to-back on your phone for less than $12.99 a month! With Disney, dreams really do come true.

Well, that's what we've got for you today. We'll do our best to update you on this topic as more information becomes available. Be sure to check out our Facebook page in case we share any new information or news articles that Disney shares with the world. And in the meantime, as usual, Stay Magical!


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