Aladdin: What should we expect?

Here we sit, on the even of our favorite film studio's next foray into the realm of Live-Action creations, completely unsure of what to expect in theaters tomorrow. While we've been given a very extravagant display of trailers for the film, all the hype in the world, yet nothing that actually drives to the core of what delights Disney has in store. However confused you might be about what's on deck, we can bet that you're still going to make it to the theater to see Aladdin (because we are, too!).
Will Smith as Genie © Disney 

The Hype

It's very real, folks. The hype is so real right now. It seems the entire cinema world is sitting anxiously on the edge of their seats for what promises to be either a huge hit or a fantastic flop. 

Whether you're feeling excited or nervous for the final product, we imagine you're certainly anticipating it with some level of energy. The studios have done a terrific job of promoting the movie, aside from the moment when we first saw what the genie looked like. People were a little put-off about that.

However, the other trailers that have been released show a movie that promises to have high energy and lots of colors; true to the Disney name. 

What To Actually Expect

Many are wondering this - what should I actually expect from this movie? Well, it's possible that you can expect a Magical movie filled with love and compassion, and it's also possible that you can expect a movie that falls short of the projected expectations. What you can actually expect, though, is a charismatic lineup of characters and a visually-stunning masterpiece.

If there's one thing that Disney has done remarkably well with their Live-Action remakes, it's the visual representation of the old films. Finding a way to turn Agrabah into a living, bustling town was not going to be easy but rest-assured that Disney will have found a way to make it as beautiful as you'd hope.

Another thing you can expect is to be entertained. Whether it matches the level of pure joy that the original brought you will be left to the beholder, and does seem unlikely, but it will certainly be something of a joyous bout. If you're a Disney fan, you're probably going to love it, as long as you don't expect the greatness of the original.

Is There Anything To Keep In Mind?

Yes, there is. One of those things we've already touched on - don't expect this movie to be as good as the first movie. If you go in with the expectation that it'll match the first, you set yourself up to be let down. The original was amazing for more reasons than being entertaining - it was full of new angles, brilliant ideas, and completely original character arcs. This movie, however, is a remake of the original. It's not bringing anything "new" to the table.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this movie is going to be longer than the original. If it was a direct remake, you'd expect the same or a similar run-time. However, as it stands, there'll likely be some new themes that didn't exist in the first one. Don't let that discourage how you feel about the movie. Remember, while this is a Live-Action remake, it's not going to be a direct copy of what we once saw. There will be scenes you haven't seen before, and that's good news!


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