Disney's Hercules the movie - How accurate is it?

In honor of the anniversary of one of our favorite Walt Disney Animation movies from Disney's second Golden Age, we thought we would dive into the mythology of the Greek story of Hercules and compare it to the movie we love so much. How accurate is the movie to the original story? Truth be told, almost not at all. But, kind of for good reason. A lot of the original story has some pretty dark moments, and if we know Disney, we know they're not going to dive headfirst into a dark tale if they can find a way to make it at least quantifiably more family-friendly. However, it's not really as simple as that, as nothing ever really is, so we're going to take a deep dive and report to you the similarities and utter differences between the original story and Disney's Hercules - let's get started!

Early Life

Right off the bat, from the beginning of the film, Disney begins with creative liberties. Although, as we mentioned, they're not particularly unnecessary because, to put it lightly, Hercules (the original) was "born out of wedlock" to his father Zeus and another woman, Alcmena, who was not Zeus' wife at the time. Understandably, Disney removes the adultery from the story and instead makes Hera the birth mother of Hercules. In the original story of Hercules, his birth mother is Alcmena, and Hera has a vendetta against him for that; she is the actual antagonist in the original story, not Hades.
Baby Hercules and Baby Pegasus © Disney

Remember Pegasus? How could you forget! Well, he's not really the winged horse that you remember from the movie. I mean, he is in the movie, but in the original story, he's actually the offspring of Poseidon and Medusa, and get this: he's not even a part of the Hercules story! We'll choose to completely ignore this and live our truth; Herc and Pegasus are too awesome together to imagine it any other way!

As the Story Picks Up

So, one thing that actually, sort of, somewhat falls in line with the original story is that Hades is the lord of the Underworld. However, that's where it falls off. Hades is not evil in the original story, although "death" is considered evil, he's actually widely loved by the remaining residents of Olympus. In the movie, he's the evilest being in the entire world...

Phil, Meg, and some of the other background characters like Penelope (the mule) and Phidias the potter, really didn't exist in the story of Hercules in remotely the same capacity they did in the movie. For instance, based on the timeline, Phil wasn't even around when Hercules was, because Hercules was actually an Argonaut. Meg, in the original story, is actually the wife of Hercules for a short time, but their story does not exist in the same capacity and we're not even going to mention how things went down with those two. 

Later On, and The End of the Story

Throughout Herc's tenure as a super-awesome dude, he completes his Labours and has to fight the Titans, but in the original story, it really doesn't go that way at all. There's a lot to cover here, so we're just going to leave it at: Hercules doesn't actually fight most of the evil-doers that he claims (or, is seen) to fight in the movie. 

Hercules, in the original tale, dies by poison and as his body is burned in the pyre for a funeral, he achieves immortality. Disney does right by the young'ns with this one and avoids that tragic ending, by instead having him jump into the river of the dead to save Meg's soul, in turn proving his immortality. However, Disney does get the next part right, in that he returns to Olympus, but in the original story he actually doesn't renounce his immortality and instead stays there for a life of immortality.

This was a tough blog to write, that's for sure, but it was certainly interesting to learn! We hope you enjoyed it, too!

Hope you have a Magical day! 

Tomorrow is a BIG day!

As many of you know, the fourth installment of one of the most beloved franchises of movies is going to be released tonight into tomorrow - Toy Story 4! It's another Toy Story movie, so as you can expect, it promises to be a similarly-themed "get back to our owner" adventure movie. However, there are some meaningful plot changes and extensions that assure us Pixar fans at least somewhat of a different angle to the traditional plot focus.
Toy Story 4 © Disney/Pixar

With new toys appearing throughout the film, including ones voiced by actors Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele, and the undyingly popular Keanu Reeves, there is a level of plenitude that can be expected in the newest version of this timeless classic. However, as Pixar superfans, we're often left imagining what the movie will entail prior to the release, and can be both pleasantly and unpleasantly surprised with the outcome of a new movie if we don't keep our egos in check. Today, we're going to cover a few things that we already know about the movie (so, don't worry about spoilers) and try to attain a level-headed hypothesis for what Toy Story 4 will provide, and where it will fit in with the rest of the franchise.

As we know from all of the trailers and already-visible content, there's a new main character in the mix, Forky, who's literally a spork with pipe cleaner arms and popsicle stick feet. Made obvious through his actions in the trailers, Forky is loaded with anxiety and clearly doesn't understand how or why he exists as a toy. While this is certainly a new theme and will add to the depth of the movie, I think it's fair to elaborate a bit on what Forky's role will truly play in the movie. We've grown to understand, through the themes of the previous movies, that each Toy Story installment involves some sort of "growth" moment for Woody, and we imagine that Forky's timid and manic nature will play a huge role in the growth of the longtime sheriff.

Additionally, Bo Peep returns in Toy Story 4 as a (somewhat) hardened character than what she was in the first movie, after having been discarded by her previous owner and living the "survivalist" lifestyle of the public playgrounds she's traversed with fellow renegade toys. It's been made clear the relationship between Bo Peep and Woody seems to have faltered somewhat in their time away, but it's also clear that Woody's heart is still attached to his first love. Will the two end up together again at the end of this installment? We will see!

Unlike the previous films, there doesn't seem to be a presence of the other characters we've grown to love like Rex and Hamm, but this movie does certainly promise to address questions of existence that we humans so often ponder, including the meaning of life itself. We can't comment exactly on how those parts of the plot will play out, since we haven't seen the movie yet, but we can promise that it's going to be for the best. If we know anything about the creators of the abundance of delightful Pixar films, it's that they genuinely care about putting together tremendous movies.

While other franchises have seemed to turn to the next page simply because they know their core audience will read it, Pixar has found a way to embed deeply important messages and moral conundrums into each project they've sent to the big screens. Toy Story 4 promises to be no different, and we absolutely cannot wait to see the results.

Marvel Land?! Yes, Indeed!

Marvel Land is coming to California in 2020! ©Disney
It has officially been confirmed that the permits for a new Marvel Land at Disneyland in California have been approved! What does this mean? What will exist there? What do we do with our hands?! All of those questions, and more, will be answered in today's blog! Let's get started...

Another expansion of the Parks, you say?

All signs point to yes; there will be a brand new expansion of the Disney Parks coming in the year 2020...so next year. According to some "inside experts", the theme park expansion will center around anything and everything Marvel Universe - so you can expect that the heroes you've grown to love over the last decade-and-a-half will be present and accounted for! 

In addition, it appears that there is going to be a seriously amazing (2,071-square-foot!) merchandise building, outfitted with 3 tents, where you can purchase all of the Marvel gear your heart desires. Some of those same experts have hinted at additional attractions around the rest of the world, with attractions expected to open in Disneyland Paris, Disney World, and Hong Kong Disneyland over the coming years. 

Remember A Bug's Land? Well, it fizzled out in 2018, but the space still exists. It has been reported that the new Marvel Land will occupy the same space that A Bug's Land was located. So, there will not be a literal expansion, as much as it will be a repurposing of already existing Disney property. 

What kinds of attractions and whatnot will be there?

Well, as we already mentioned, there's going to be an enormous shopping and merchandise area, filled to the brim with all of the Marvel gear you could ever want (or need) to get your hands on. 

In addition, there are several reports that there will be an all-new Spider-Man ride, fit with interactive graphics and activity, for attendees to fight off some of the same villains that Spider-Man himself has battled over the years! Wow! 

Finally, and there's not a ton of info on this (so we're giving you all we've got), there will also be some large meet-and-greet areas to get in touch with your favorite heroes. Included in the space will be some food and beverage areas, including a microbrewery! Marvel-themed beers? Yeah, hi, I'll take one...

What do we do with our hands?! 

Okay, if you got here and were still waiting for an answer to this question, we're sorry to admit that we do not have an answer at the present time. We'd suggest a classic "raise the roof!" dance, maybe some clapping, possibly some high-fives with your fellow Marvel fans, but at this point, we've got nothing. We're so excited that there will be a new addition to the Parks around the world, and we hope you're as excited as we are!

D23 2019: What we know!

D23 is one of the best times of year for Disney fans, if you're a fan of the movies or the Parks, you're bound to gain some insight into your favorite Disney stuff with D23. In years past, they've announced things like Disney+, the casts for upcoming movies, and every year they host the Disney Legends Ceremony! We got a sneak peek the other day into what will be coming for this year's D23 Expo, and today we're going to share with you all that we learned!
D23 Expo 2019 ©Disney

Friday, August 23

As always, the D23 Expo will kick off with the Disney Legends Awards Ceremony, the crowning of prominent figures in the Walt Disney Company world that are being recognized for their various achievements for the company. This year's lineup of Legends contains some very recognizable faces, from Jon Favreau to Robert Downey Jr. to James Earl Jones! It will also include Bette Midler, Robin Roberts, and Diane Sawyer!

In the afternoon of the opening day, Disney+ will make its major content debut. It had already gotten a marvelous display in the previous Expo, but this year's Expo will include the first look at some of their most highly anticipated content including Lady and the Tramp and The Mandalorian! 

Saturday, August 24

Saturday is all about movies! Walt Disney Studios will take the "king's chair" and display a sneak peek into all of their upcoming blockbusters, including movies from Pixar, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Marvel Studios, and Star Wars! Guests will be treated to exclusive footage, special guest appearances, and much more!

Sunday, August 25

A tour of the new vision for the Disney Parks around the globe comes soaring in on Sunday with the reveal of new plans for resorts and parks experiences around the world, including more information on the plans for the upcoming transformation of Epcot at Walt Disney World! 

If you're interested in heading out to the Expo, single-day tickets range from $69-$89 for Friday and Sunday - Saturday is already sold out. 

Galaxy's Edge is here (in Disneyland...) - All you need to know!

Visit the Millenium Falcon at Galaxy's Edge © Disney
Well...it's here, and it appears to be quite incredible. We're talking about Galaxy's Edge, of course, and while there's still a couple of months to wait for the Disney World edition, the Disneyland edition is up and running and accepting reservations! By the way, reservations is a key word here. You can only get in with a reservation, but we'll cover that in more detail shortly. For now, let's dive into all of the awesome experiences at Galaxy's Edge, and what you can expect in the galaxy far, far away!


As of now, there aren't a ton of attractions at Galaxy's Edge, but what does exist are really quite amazing. If you're a Star Wars fan (or, like us, complete geek), then Galaxy's Edge is going to be something you have to see.

Millenium Falcon Smuggler's Run

Did you grow up with the (or, still) wish of one day piloting the Millenium Falcon? That day has arrived. The Smuggler's Run attraction combines navigating the ship with a virtual ride throughout the Galaxy. If you do happen to get the Pilot role (there are two other roles), you legitimately get to FLY THE FALCON. Like, c'mon...does it get cooler than that?!

Savi's Workshop (Lightsabers)

So you had your chance to fly the Falcon, and it was incredible. Obviously. But, what about those dreams you had where you used the force to jump on a platform and engage in a brilliant lightsaber battle with your Sith nemesis? Well, head over to Savi's Workshop and get 'treat yoself' to a lightsaber! It will be very expensive ($200!), but shouldn't anything with a kyber crystal inside it be expensive? I mean, it's the most sought-after mineral in the galaxy, after all. 


Shop to your heart's content at the many stores around The Edge (we're trying to spread the nickname around...).

Droid Depot

You built your saber, the weapon of the Jedi, but you need a droid companion to join you on your trips across the galaxy as your copilot, right? Right. Head over to the Droid Depot and legitimately BUILD YOURSELF A DROID. Like the form factor of the R2 droids? Great, built an R2. What about an R4 droid? You can build that, too. So. Dang. Cool.

Toydarian Toymaker

Stop by the toymaker to satisfy your craving for Star Wars-specific plushes and figures. There are a TON of collectible items available, and as you can expect, some of them are pretty expensive. However, if you're willing to spend, you're going to take home some incredible stuff. 


You might get hungry while you're there, and in the California heat, you'll certainly get thirsty. Thankfully, there are tons of places to stop while you're in The Edge! (we're really trying with this nickname...).

Oga's Cantina

Need I say more? The Cantina is a real thing. You HAVE to go to the Cantina. You have to. Get one of their amazing beverages, share a treat, and take in the atmosphere of the only "club" in the Galaxy that's actually worth waiting to get into. 

Docking Bay 7

Looking for a place to actually sit down and eat? Great! Here's your spot. It offers a nice menu of options, and obviously, all of the food is Star Wars themed!


This part may actually be the most important part of the entire blog. So, if you made it here, congrats! You're getting the most important information! Until June 23rd, you'll be required to get reservations to get into Galaxy's Edge, and they're 4 hours long. Once your 4 hours is up, you have to leave. That's how it works. Also, if you leave during your reservation (can't imagine you'd want to do that), you cannot get back in without making another. That's just the dealio.

There you have it! A full rundown of the newest, and most "out of this world" attraction at Disneyland! Enjoy!