Tomorrow is a BIG day!

As many of you know, the fourth installment of one of the most beloved franchises of movies is going to be released tonight into tomorrow - Toy Story 4! It's another Toy Story movie, so as you can expect, it promises to be a similarly-themed "get back to our owner" adventure movie. However, there are some meaningful plot changes and extensions that assure us Pixar fans at least somewhat of a different angle to the traditional plot focus.
Toy Story 4 © Disney/Pixar

With new toys appearing throughout the film, including ones voiced by actors Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele, and the undyingly popular Keanu Reeves, there is a level of plenitude that can be expected in the newest version of this timeless classic. However, as Pixar superfans, we're often left imagining what the movie will entail prior to the release, and can be both pleasantly and unpleasantly surprised with the outcome of a new movie if we don't keep our egos in check. Today, we're going to cover a few things that we already know about the movie (so, don't worry about spoilers) and try to attain a level-headed hypothesis for what Toy Story 4 will provide, and where it will fit in with the rest of the franchise.

As we know from all of the trailers and already-visible content, there's a new main character in the mix, Forky, who's literally a spork with pipe cleaner arms and popsicle stick feet. Made obvious through his actions in the trailers, Forky is loaded with anxiety and clearly doesn't understand how or why he exists as a toy. While this is certainly a new theme and will add to the depth of the movie, I think it's fair to elaborate a bit on what Forky's role will truly play in the movie. We've grown to understand, through the themes of the previous movies, that each Toy Story installment involves some sort of "growth" moment for Woody, and we imagine that Forky's timid and manic nature will play a huge role in the growth of the longtime sheriff.

Additionally, Bo Peep returns in Toy Story 4 as a (somewhat) hardened character than what she was in the first movie, after having been discarded by her previous owner and living the "survivalist" lifestyle of the public playgrounds she's traversed with fellow renegade toys. It's been made clear the relationship between Bo Peep and Woody seems to have faltered somewhat in their time away, but it's also clear that Woody's heart is still attached to his first love. Will the two end up together again at the end of this installment? We will see!

Unlike the previous films, there doesn't seem to be a presence of the other characters we've grown to love like Rex and Hamm, but this movie does certainly promise to address questions of existence that we humans so often ponder, including the meaning of life itself. We can't comment exactly on how those parts of the plot will play out, since we haven't seen the movie yet, but we can promise that it's going to be for the best. If we know anything about the creators of the abundance of delightful Pixar films, it's that they genuinely care about putting together tremendous movies.

While other franchises have seemed to turn to the next page simply because they know their core audience will read it, Pixar has found a way to embed deeply important messages and moral conundrums into each project they've sent to the big screens. Toy Story 4 promises to be no different, and we absolutely cannot wait to see the results.


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