7 Things About Disney World That Will Blow Your Mind

Whether you are a visitor to Orlando or you are completely new to the world of theme parks, Walt Disney World will surely surprise you. Here are 7 things about Disney World that will blow your mind:

1. There are secret underground tunnels

Disney World is on the second floor, it is built above the ground and there are special tunnels under the "streets" that employees use to go round the park. These tunnels allow members of the cast and staff to move discreetly between different areas of the park without disrupting the illusion of a truly magical place.

2. Smart design keeps you from getting distracted

Orlando Disney Parks are designed so that when you explore a "land", you cannot see others. For example, Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom has trees and buildings to prevent you from seeing Fantasyland. The place has also been designed with special distractions and noises, (an example the water wheel) to keep you from looking elsewhere. The idea is to give each zone its identity.

3. Chewing gum is forbidden

To keep attractions, sidewalks, and benches free from gunk, Disney's strict policy is not to sell chewing gum on site. However, chewing gum is not prohibited in the parks, so be sure to pack your own if you want to chew gum during your stay.

4. You will find trash cans everywhere

It has been said that you can never walk 30 steps without seeing a trash can at Disney. Walt Disney himself made this rule after observing how long people kept the trash they have with them before throwing it on the floor: the conclusion was about 30 steps.

5. Hidden details abound

Take a closer look through the surrounding parks and resorts and you'll see thousands of Mickey Mouse logos hidden on the site. Observe them in paintings, bars and ornaments, even in restaurants.

6. There is a secret suite inside Cinderella Castle

At Cinderella Castle, there is a secret suite that cannot be booked. You might ask why? Well, it is only used for promotional gifts and special guests. Originally, the apartment had been built for Walt Disney and his family but had not been completed by the time of his death. In 2007, the suite was redeveloped, ready to be used for special guests.

7. You can find “smellitizers everywhere in the park

There are specially designed vents that are sued to pump artificial scent into the Disney Park which influences how every area feels. The Pirates of the Caribbean ride uses “salty sea air” fragrance while and the Magic Kingdom’s main street used a mix of baked good and vanilla.


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