What comes next after The Lion King?

The Lion King promised to be the "movie of the summer" and regardless of how you felt about it, it undoubtedly was the most highly-anticipated release. However, Disney has more than just a Lion King live-action remake for us movie fans on the docket, and many of those movies are in the works or have set release dates identified. Today, we're going to go through the list of upcoming Live-Action movies that we've been made aware of, and what we look forward to about each.

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

The first installment of Maleficent was a smash-hit among Disney fans all-over, and for good reason. It was a different style of story-telling than most of us are used to from Disney, and it added a delightfully different twist to a story we've all heard many times. Whether you like her or not, Angelina Jolie did do a wonderful job as the Evil Queen, and we very much look forward to the upcoming movie that will be released in theaters on October 19th of this year.


We keep growing more and more excited for this movie as time draws closer to 2020. Although there was some backlash when the movie was announced and the spec-script was released, due to some casting controversies, those have been largely reduced to null as the lineup of actors and actresses has now been showcased. This movie promises to capture the struggle between tradition and aspirations that the first one so expertly maneuvered, and on top of that, the action scenes seem to be choreographed beautifully based on the trailers we've been exposed to. With a release date set for March 27 of next year, 2020 could not come soon enough.

Lady and the Tramp

Whaaaaaat?! Yes. Yes, it's true, and we are so so excited for it. While we're not sure when it will debut, the movie will be streaming exclusively on Disney+! It won't be the first project on Disney's new streaming platform that will be available exclusively through the app, but it's interesting to see that a movie that, let's face it, would absolutely crush at the box offices may not even see the theater. Are we in a new era of movies and television? Yes, of course. But, are we past the intimacy and nostalgia of a theater setting for widespread anticipation of films? We will have to wait and see. Set to star Justin Theroux and Tessa Thompson, the movie's release date is still not set in stone.

The Little Mermaid

While the announcement of the new Ariel may have come with some, albeit unnecessary, disgruntled response, the movie does promise to be a fun reimagining of the original animated version. With Melissa McCarthy slated to play the timeless villain Ursula, and several other awesome actors and actresses on deck for the supporting cast, the shining star of the movie Halle Bailey will absolutely prove to be a wonderful casting decision, in our opinion. We still don't have a release date announced, but when it is, we'll be marking our calender and crossing off any other engagements for the special day.

Snow White

The reports are in, and the verdict is here, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves is going to be returning to the big screen in another Disney Live-Action remake! While we have our reservations for how this one might turn out, being that the dwarves are actual humanoid beings (sometimes, CGI goes a little overboard when it comes to humanoids), we're as excited as ever for this remake. Because it was the very first feature animation from Disney, this movie will likely have the largest difference in production quality in comparison to the rest of the live-action reboots, so it will be very interesting to see how the World in which Snow White resides evolves into its newly created image.


One of the most notorious villains in the Disney catalog, Cruella de Vil has certainly earned a center-stage role in her own feature film. This live-action movie will star Emma Stone, who has shown her stripes over the years in many a role, and she's set to bring a new twist to the storyline of Cruella with this reportedly "80s-era origin story". Origin story? That's the word, for now. We're not getting a movie about the Cruella we know, rather, the Cruella that became the one we know. Interesting, isn't it? We're certainly intrigued by the idea, and we're interested to see where it leads.


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