Disney Latte Art!

National Coffee Day is September 29th!!!

 In honor of one of my favorite holidays, here are my favorite Disney themed latte art! 

Start your day in a magical way!Mickey and Minnie:
I (of course) need to start off with the classic Mickey and Minnie!! Look at how detailed this Minne and Mickey are! they even included Minnies classic polka dots to her bow! Absolutely in love with this latte! Looking at it makes me crave a good latte with a lot of creme!

Disney Latte Art too Awesome to Drink | Whoa | Oh My Disney

Young Simba:
Okay this Latte looks super simple yet so detailed!! I love that this Simba is the cute little baby from the beginning of the movie! The artist didn't leave out a single detail in this latte!

Image result for latte art of disney characters

Jack Skellington:
Okay, look how fun This latte is. His head and arms are literally popping out of the cup. Really creepy but hey that's The Nightmare Before Christmas. 

Everyone loves coffee and Disney, so we thought we would share some great pictures of Disney latte art for your enjoyment!  What is your favorite place to get coffee at Disney?  Let us know if the comments below!

Add "Snow White" to the list of Disney Live-Action Films!

Credit: Disney

Disney has added another classic to the long list of live-action remakes.  "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" is surely going to be one of many Disney classics that make a big hit at the box office!

Everyone has their own opinions about all of the new live-action remakes coming out, however, they seem to do very well in theatres, so why wouldn't Disney keep making them?  It just makes sense that Disney would release a live-action film of one of the most well known and loved stories dating all the way back to 1937.

Credit: Disney

I have to admit, I'm pretty excited about this one!  Production for "Snow white and the Seven Dwarfs" is set to begin production in March 2020!  As of now, production will begin in Vancouver, Canada.

Director Marc Webb who is famous for directing "The Amazing Spider-Man" is currently the first man in line to take the reigns on the new remake.

Credit: Disney

We currently know that the remake will be a musical and I'm guessing that with the fun personalities of Happy, Grumpy, Sleepy, Dopey, Bashful, Sneezy, and Doc there will definitely be some comedy to it as well!  Now, we just have to patiently wait and see who Disney decides to cast for the roles in what is bound to be a beautiful adaptation of the original "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs."

Spider-Man is Back in Action with Marvel!

Admit it we all freaked out when Disney and Sony couldn't come to an agreement and there almost was no more Spider-Man.
But fret no more Spider-Man is back and a new movie is set to release in 2021!!

Tom Holland portrayed the 16-year-old Spider-Man in the Marvel franchise. The movie "Spider-Man: Far From Home" gives us hope for the future of the Marvel movies. After Avengers: Endgame I was worried (as were many others) how the franchise could move forward without the beloved Tony Stark and Steve Rogers no longer part of the Avengers. However, Spider-Man gave us all hope that there were still heros we could root for and new Marvel movies that we can be excited about.
Image result for spiderman marvelThis excitement drained quickly from fans when Disney and Sony announced that due to disagreements there was going to be no more Spider-Man movies.

That is until today! Spider-Man will be remaining in the MCU and we will be able to see what will happen after the cliffhanging ending after "Far From Home".
So keep following along with us. We will be sure to let you know if there are any updates with the Spider-Verse.

Movie set to release July 16, 2021

The best Disney Weddings (and how to make yours similar)

Image result for ariel and eric wedding with rainbowThe best part of Disney movies is always the happily-ever-after at the end. It's the best part of every movie and we all love when that scene has a beautiful wedding at the end.
Here's the list of the top 3 Disney weddings and some tips and tricks to make your wedding the same.

Ariel and Eric:
The most inclusive wedding is easily Ariel and Erics. Accommodating for everyone, the wedding takes place on a boat. So all the part fish family and friends could be in the water, while the guest with strictly legs could be on the boat and enjoy the celebration.
How to make your wedding Little Mermaid themed:
"The Little Mermaid Wedding" by bryannnne on Polyvore... not even kidding when I say this is so me and so perfect-Obviously, you need a Mermaid dress with accent colors of Coral and a mint green

Little Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas | Photo 13 of 18 | Catch My Party-These dinglehopper cake pops are better than any little mermaid cake. They keep with the Little Mermaid theme perfectly, and they are just so much cuter than a cake!

Micheal Cinco wedding dress Here's a blog with inspiration for a Disney Princess and the Frog wedding by Kasper Creations.

Image result for The Princess and the frog wedding

Tiana and Naveen:
These two love frogs got two fairytale weddings. Once when they were frogs with all their animal friends; and again when they became human again and got to have the wedding with their families. The perfect thing about the wedding is that Tiana got to wear two perfectly gorgeous wedding dresses and you can too! One for the ceremony and one for the reception. Now, remember for this wedding you need to have lots of greenery and (hopefully) a lack of frogs!

Roger and Anita:
They may have been dressed simply in their Sunday best, and the only people at the wedding were the couple, the minister, and the doggos, but this wedding could not have been more perfect. Just two people who love each other needing no one else but each other at their wedding and their best friends (the dogs). So how do you make your wedding similar?
Image result for roger and anita weddingDog with bowtie wedding photo. #dogs #dogsinweddings #weddings #weddingideas #flowers #weddingflowers-Have a small, quaint, wedding. Invite only the people who know you and you S.O personally. People who will actually care about your future as a couple. It makes the wedding a lot less stressful, more personable, and a lot cheaper. 
-Bring your dog!!!! (and if you do please bring me too!) who doesn't love a pupper at a wedding? Even if it isn't your dog's big day too, bring them with and let them in on the festivities.

Carl and Ellie's Wedding by ~08newmanb on deviantARTHere are a few things to keep in mind...

Be excited to start your life together just like Ellie and Carl! Have a marriage as happy as them!! We all know they are the ultimate relationship goals!
Image result for gaston's surprise wedding beauty and the beast

In conclusion, please please marry someone only if they want to be married!! Don't pull a Gaston and plan a wedding and assume that the planned bride is just going to say yes!

Disney is now Vegan Friendly!

It's no question that being a vegan can be hard. Going to restaurants and making sure that every dish you have doesn't have any animal products included.
Being a Vegan at Disney would be torture. There is so much food everywhere but it's almost impossible to know where the good vegan food is. In order to help each other, Vegans have even created
a survival guide so everyone will know where the best vegan food is located in the Disney Parks. However, Disney has decided to make being a vegan Disney fan a lot easier, at least in the US. Disney is now adding vegan-friendly options to all their Quick Service Locations by October 1st, and vegan-friendly options at all Table Service Locations by October 3rd!

Image result for disney vegan food

Soon enough, over 400 vegan dishes will be available for purchase! These dishes will be just as fun and uniquely themed as all the original dishes. For example, the vegan "le Fou Festin" dish will be available in the 'Be Our Guest" restaurant at Disney's Magic Kingdom.
Disney is also adding a new green leaf logo to help people see which foods are vegan or not!

So if you're a vegan, or have any vegan friends or family, by October there will be no need for anyone to run around in search of vegan food. Now is the time to race to the Disney Parks and stuff your faces full of all vegan foods. Vegans will no longer have to pick and choose what they can have in the parks and sacrifice taste to follow their passion. Now you can indulge in all things Disney and all things animal-friendly!!!

Disney Socks Coming this Holiday Season!!!

I know Halloween hasn't even happened yet but I'm still super excited for Christmas (only 95 more days!!!!!). In the past, Target has had advent calendars filled with socks for every day leading up to Christmas. This year is no different. As Disney fans, we should be extra excited for this year's Target socks as many of their new themes are Disney related!!! Check out this year's Disney socks options.

Mickey Mouse:
Of course, we can't start talking about any Disney themed socks without bringing up the obvious classic Mickey Mouse. The beautiful Minnie Mouse makes an appearance on the Mickey socks as well. Great for the classic Disney lover.

Lilo and Stitch:
These Lilo and Stitch themed socks showcase a nice combination of our favorite Girl and her alien best friend. These fun blue, pink, and Hawaiian socks are sure to get an "awwww cute" every day you are wearing them.

Star Wars
These socks are for all the Disney lovers who want some out of this world merch on their feet. These socks have all the Star Wars characters from Yoda to Princess Leia. Everything in this box is out of this world!

 Disney Princess:
These socks include Pocahontas, Belle, Jasmine, and Arora. These socks are perfect for everyone who grew up loving Disney Princesses! Great for kids, teens, and adults.

Nightmare Before Christmas:
Finally, let's remember the holiday that is actually coming up soon, Halloween! These spooky (yet festive) socks are perfect for the 15 days of Halloween and the 15 days of Christmas! featuring all your favorite Nightmare Before Christmas characters like Jack Skellington and the Mayor!
Image result for nightmare before christmas advent calendar socks target

No matter what sock calendar you get they are absolutely adorable! I know personally, I am going to get the Nightmare Before Christmas for a Halloween calendar and the Princess for my Christmas calendar!!! Don't forget to thank Target for making this Christmas season one to remember!!

Hope you enjoyed
Stay Magical!

The Disney bedtime story hotline is back! Say goodnight to Mickey!

Last year Disney announced their bedtime hotline and it was a huge hit! You can now once again can call in and have one of your favorite Disney characters give you an extra special goodnight message.  This is perfect for fans everywhere that need just that little bit of extra magic before bedtime!

Disney has created the most loved characters of all time. Seeing them when going to the parks is what makes the trip memorable for everyone! This is the perfect idea for fans to bring a little Disney magic into their homes!

The number for Disney fans to call is 1-877-7-MICKEY .  You can choose between six special goodnight messages: Mickey Mouse, Woody, Princess Jasmine, Anna and Elsa, Yoda, or Spider-Man!  This will give you or your little one something to look forward to before bedtime, and hopefully (especially if they are overtired) put them in a great mood before bed!  Personally, my first call will be to Yoda!

Just remember that this feature will only be around until the end of the month so make sure to give the number a call soon!  I'm sure you and your kids will appreciate it!


Get a taste of the Disney wherever you are with Starbucks new secret menu item the "Cinderella Latte"

Inspired by the famous Pumpkin Spice latte and Cinderella's Carriage, @happiesteesonearth the Instagrammer and 7-year employee of Starbucks created a new secret menu item. The Cinderella Latte is a fun coffee I wish we could have all year!
You can even get a Cinderella/Starbucks t-shirt the perfect thing to wear when enjoying your drink!!
So what's in the Cinderella latte and how do you order it?

Here's the Secret:

  • Order either a hot, iced, or blended pumpkin spice latte 
  • Ask to sub half the Pumpkin Spice syrup white chocolate 
And that's it! A magical Disney drink that is sure to keep you awake and enjoy your day!

As a coffee lover, I sprinted to my nearest Starbucks and got this drink! It's so good and I can't wait for everyone to try it!

But make sure to get it before the clock strikes midnight; this magical drink will only be around while pumpkin spice flavors are at your local Starbucks!

Rumor has it: Sony has offered Disney a NEW deal for Spiderman and Venom to come to the MCU!

Everyone has been wondering what will happen with Spiderman since Sony pulled their first deal from Disney a few weeks ago.  There have been so many rumors what way it will go and really everyone just wants to know who will have the rights!  So let's dig into the new deal that Sony has offered.

Although Sony told everyone that the door was closed on the deal, they made a new offer to Disney. Sony has offered Disney a new deal for 30% co-financing.  The new deal includes Spider-man as well as Venom!

Any MCU fan will definitely be excited to hear this news, as many were heartbroken that the deal had been closed.  Luckily for all MCU fans, it seems as though Sony and Disney are still in negotiations on a deal and looking to get one completed soon!

Fingers crossed that this deal happens so we can see the story develop between Spiderman and his mentor Tony Stark!  With the addition of Venom, we should all be pretty excited! We will definitely keep you all updated on any more news of the Sony and Disney deal coming to fruition.

80s/90s Kids Get Ready for Disney+!!!

Disney is anything but just for children. Obviously, kids love their movies; but there is just as much to get out of animated Disney movies for an adult as there is a child. 

Disney + is coming out in exactly 2 months!!! Kids everywhere are excited, but so are adults hoping to finally have a place to watch their favorite classic shows and movies that they haven't seen in years. If you're one of the fans hoping to finally watch your favorite animated classics TV shows again, well then you're in luck! 
Disney+ tweeted that 4 loved classic TV shows will be available to watch through their upcoming streaming service. Set to release November 12th.

Image result for Talespin
Baloo the Bear from the Jungle Book comes back in the best way ever during Talespin. Airing from 1990-1991. Starting November 12th you can hang out with your favorite unemployed pilot again! 65 episodes all waiting for you to binge come November. Make sure to make popcorn for the entire family because this show is sure to be loved for another 30 years to come!! 

Image result for chip and dale rescue rangersCHIP 'N DALE: RESCUE RANGERS :
Everyones favorite chipmunks are going to be on TV again! With the same classic shows you know and love, and a new way to access them whenever you need your cute chipmunk fix. Watch Chip and Dale deal with their mortal enemies, Fat Cat and mad scientist Norton Nimnul.

Image result for Darkwing Duck summaryRunning from 1991-1992, this is a classic show about what it means to be family. Hero Darkwing Duck adopts orphan girl Gosalyn and they move to the suburbs together. We all loved watching this superhero in both his secret hero identity and his Dad identity. Can't wait to sit down soon and get back into this amazing show!

Image result for ducktales
Although DuckTales got its run in the sun again in 2017, we will always remember original DuckTale episodes and can not wait to watch them again. Scrooge is back and this time he is taking care of his 3 nephews: Hewey, Dewey, and Louie. Airing from 1987-1990, this show features the 3 nephews, Scrooge, and other characters chasing treasure from all around the world. The characters are also seen defending their current treasure from enemies such as Beagle Boys, or Magica De Spell. We can't wait to dive back into the original Ducktale TV Show!!!

80's-90's kids get excited. Your voices have been heard and these shows are coming to Disney+. These shows taught us so much about what family means and how important it is to be kind to one another. Now you can share the same shows with your family! We can't wait to watch these shows again and finally fell that 80's/90's Disney nostalgia again! 

Disney Princess Crossover?!?!

In the 2018 movie "Ralph Breaks the Internet" we (finally) get to see all the Disney princess in the same movie interacting with each other. We get this great surprise when Vanellope goes to "ohmydisney.com" and finds the princess in their break room.

Ralph Wrecks the Internet shows the princess in a way that they had not been portrayed in their original movies. Inspired by Vanellope, the princess put on sweats and they all hang out as if they were at a sleepover. The famous line by Rapunzel: "Do people assume all your problems got solved because a big, strong man showed up?" shows the princesses as feminists who can save themselves. Stereotypically, the princesses are seen as damsels in distress who need a man to save them.

After this movie came out, fans were raving about how fun it would be if Disney came out with a new movie which featured all the Disney princess into one single movie. Much like what Disney has done in the past with  That's So Suite Life of Hanna Montana, and many of the Avenger movies.

Directors, Rich Moore and Phil Johnston commented on the topic: "It has definitely had an interesting response not just here in the States, but everywhere we've gone in the world promoting the movie... I think it's an idea worth exploring, because everywhere we go, we hear that kind of response"

The voice actors of many of the princess have stated that they would be interested in making this ultimate Disney princess movie. These actors include:
Linda Larking (Jasmine)
Irene Bedard (Pocahontas)
Kelly Macdonald (Merida)
Aluli'i Cravalho (Moana)
Anika Noni Rose (Tiana)
Jodi Benson (Ariel)
Mandy Moore (Rapunzel)

However; there are some princess that can not get their original voice actors. Including Snow White and Cinderella.  The Directors of  Ralph breaks the internet did a great job of finding good replacements voices for these princesses and these replacements could be carried over into the crossover movie.

Although the idea sounds fun, would certainly make a ton of money, and the actors seem to be down with the idea; there is no official announcement that a princess crossover movie will ever happen. The co-directors ended by commenting that a princess crossover movie is a fun idea; however, as of now, there is no serious conversations about having this crossover movie coming to the big screen any time soon.

The directors may not be ready yet, but fans definitely are! Keep an ear for any changes in direction with a princess crossover movie. Hopefully, the princess can get the ultimate princess movie that we deserve.
Thanks for tuning in and as always, stay magical!