80s/90s Kids Get Ready for Disney+!!!

Disney is anything but just for children. Obviously, kids love their movies; but there is just as much to get out of animated Disney movies for an adult as there is a child. 

Disney + is coming out in exactly 2 months!!! Kids everywhere are excited, but so are adults hoping to finally have a place to watch their favorite classic shows and movies that they haven't seen in years. If you're one of the fans hoping to finally watch your favorite animated classics TV shows again, well then you're in luck! 
Disney+ tweeted that 4 loved classic TV shows will be available to watch through their upcoming streaming service. Set to release November 12th.

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Baloo the Bear from the Jungle Book comes back in the best way ever during Talespin. Airing from 1990-1991. Starting November 12th you can hang out with your favorite unemployed pilot again! 65 episodes all waiting for you to binge come November. Make sure to make popcorn for the entire family because this show is sure to be loved for another 30 years to come!! 

Image result for chip and dale rescue rangersCHIP 'N DALE: RESCUE RANGERS :
Everyones favorite chipmunks are going to be on TV again! With the same classic shows you know and love, and a new way to access them whenever you need your cute chipmunk fix. Watch Chip and Dale deal with their mortal enemies, Fat Cat and mad scientist Norton Nimnul.

Image result for Darkwing Duck summaryRunning from 1991-1992, this is a classic show about what it means to be family. Hero Darkwing Duck adopts orphan girl Gosalyn and they move to the suburbs together. We all loved watching this superhero in both his secret hero identity and his Dad identity. Can't wait to sit down soon and get back into this amazing show!

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Although DuckTales got its run in the sun again in 2017, we will always remember original DuckTale episodes and can not wait to watch them again. Scrooge is back and this time he is taking care of his 3 nephews: Hewey, Dewey, and Louie. Airing from 1987-1990, this show features the 3 nephews, Scrooge, and other characters chasing treasure from all around the world. The characters are also seen defending their current treasure from enemies such as Beagle Boys, or Magica De Spell. We can't wait to dive back into the original Ducktale TV Show!!!

80's-90's kids get excited. Your voices have been heard and these shows are coming to Disney+. These shows taught us so much about what family means and how important it is to be kind to one another. Now you can share the same shows with your family! We can't wait to watch these shows again and finally fell that 80's/90's Disney nostalgia again! 


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