Disney is now Vegan Friendly!

It's no question that being a vegan can be hard. Going to restaurants and making sure that every dish you have doesn't have any animal products included.
Being a Vegan at Disney would be torture. There is so much food everywhere but it's almost impossible to know where the good vegan food is. In order to help each other, Vegans have even created a survival guide so everyone will know where the best vegan food is located in the Disney Parks. However, Disney has decided to make being a vegan Disney fan a lot easier, at least in the US. Disney is now adding vegan-friendly options to all their Quick Service Locations by October 1st, and vegan-friendly options at all Table Service Locations by October 3rd!

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Soon enough, over 400 vegan dishes will be available for purchase! These dishes will be just as fun and uniquely themed as all the original dishes. For example, the vegan "le Fou Festin" dish will be available in the 'Be Our Guest" restaurant at Disney's Magic Kingdom.
Disney is also adding a new green leaf logo to help people see which foods are vegan or not!

So if you're a vegan, or have any vegan friends or family, by October there will be no need for anyone to run around in search of vegan food. Now is the time to race to the Disney Parks and stuff your faces full of all vegan foods. Vegans will no longer have to pick and choose what they can have in the parks and sacrifice taste to follow their passion. Now you can indulge in all things Disney and all things animal-friendly!!!


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