Rumor has it: Sony has offered Disney a NEW deal for Spiderman and Venom to come to the MCU!

Everyone has been wondering what will happen with Spiderman since Sony pulled their first deal from Disney a few weeks ago.  There have been so many rumors what way it will go and really everyone just wants to know who will have the rights!  So let's dig into the new deal that Sony has offered.

Although Sony told everyone that the door was closed on the deal, they made a new offer to Disney. Sony has offered Disney a new deal for 30% co-financing.  The new deal includes Spider-man as well as Venom!

Any MCU fan will definitely be excited to hear this news, as many were heartbroken that the deal had been closed.  Luckily for all MCU fans, it seems as though Sony and Disney are still in negotiations on a deal and looking to get one completed soon!

Fingers crossed that this deal happens so we can see the story develop between Spiderman and his mentor Tony Stark!  With the addition of Venom, we should all be pretty excited! We will definitely keep you all updated on any more news of the Sony and Disney deal coming to fruition.


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