Disney Christmas Sweaters!!!

We all know what Halloween means... That Christmas is almost here!!! And with Christmas comes Ugly Sweater themed Christmas parties! With ugly sweater Christmas parties comes everyone scrambling for the perfect sweater.

Get started on this holiday season with Disney ugly sweaters!
Merchoid came out with 6 Disney Christmas sweaters. Each with the classic ugly sweater print featuring our favorite Disney characters!!

Check them out!

Beauty and the Beast:
Starting off with a classic: here is Belle and Beast dancing the night away. Featuring Lumiere, Chip, and snowflakes all over. This sweater is the perfect amount of ugly and just plain perfection! This sweater is $54.99
Beauty and the Beast: Merry Beastmas Knitted Christmas Sweater
This sweater features Genie and says we WISH you a Merry Christmas. Ahh, how fun is a good pun?!? Genie is smiling on the seater and wearing the cutest Santa hat! absolutely love this one! This sweater is $54.99

Lion King:
This Lion King sweater hits us right in the feels and is just stuffed with characters from the movie!
Simba is playing with his dad and then below is singing is Hakuna Matata. This sweater is 54.99

Mary Poppins:
"Have a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Christmas" sweater. Featuring Mary Poppins flying away with her umbrella. This sweater is only $32.99 what a steal!

The Little Mermaid:
This sweater features my favorited Disney Princess, Ariel her best friend Flounder, and Sebastion. Snowflakes and reindeer are also featured on the sweater. This sweater shows off Christmas just enough where you could wear it to your parties, but you also could probably wear it any other winter day without too many strange looks. This sweater costs $54.99

The Nightmare Before Christmas:
This sweater is perfect to wear from not all the way until December! Pumpkins and snowflakes are both on the sweater! Jack and his dog Zero are on the sweater being as majestic and scary as ever! This sweater costs $54.99

These are the cutest sweaters and I wish I could have them all! Which one is your favorite?? Let us know!

Stay Magical!


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