Disney Released 3 New Starbucks Tumblers And They're Gorgeous!

This post is for all Disney and Starbucks fans out there!  There are a lot of you and we know that you need to know this news!  Disneyland has just released a new line of Starbucks Tumblers that you are not going to want to miss out on.

 There are three new designs available to fans.  One will be for the Holidays and the two other tumblers will depict the Theme Parks!

Holiday Christmas Tree Tumbler: This tumbler brings Disney Parks together perfectly!  Each ornament represents different parts of the theme parks.  If you take a close look you will be able to see a theme of Sleeping Beauty's castle, the monorail, Minnie and Mickey in a sleigh, and more!  This is the perfect gift for any Disney lover and can be found on the park grounds.  Happy Holidays!

California Adventure Tumbler: This tumbler elaborates and focuses on Disney California Adventure!  You will see icons like Cars Land, Frozen, and the Storytellers statue front and center.  All of these tumblers are gorgeous and we can't wait to get our hands on them!

Disneyland Tumbler: Last but not least, the Disneyland Tumbler features rides and attractions of Mr. Toad, The Matterhorn, Space Mountain, Magic Kingdom, and even the pirate ship from Peter Pan's Flight! 

You can find these beautiful tumblers all across Disneyland property as well as World of Disney which is located in Downtown Disney!  You may even find some in the Starbucks locations on the property.  They are available currently for only $24.99 and are literally perfect for any Disney Fan!


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