Disney Skyliner Crashed-- Closed indefinitely

Late Saturday night guests at Disney World were stranded for hours after an apparent malfunction to the transportation system. The skyline was only open for a week.

After releasing the news early Sunday morning, Disney announced they will keep the Skyliner closed as they investigate what happened. However, because no one knows when the skyline will be open again or when Walt Disney World would feel comfortable running the Skyliner; many people are treating the Skyliner as a transportation system that will be closed indefinitely.

What happened was the gondola cabin did not attach to the cable to dispatch from the station. The cabins behind it slowly crashed into the original cabin causing the two cabins to crash and the glass to shatter.

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People waited for up to three- hours for paramedics to get to them and get them down form the malfunctioning transportation system.

Thankfully, Disney reported that there were no injuries.

The guests who were stuck each got their own compensation package as Disney said they wanted to handle each case individually. But most people got 2 Parks all-day passes, taxi vouchers, and a $100 gift card.

Although this incident is getting a lot of news coverage as of now, this is simply a minor set back for Disney. As long as this is handled correctly this will simply be a small setback moving into the future of Walt Disney World.


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