DIY Fall Disney Wreath -- Made Under $20

Fall is here!!! Here at Walt Life, we are so excited!!
But how can you move from Summer to Fall without the perfect fall decorations?
Today I made a super easy fall Mickey wreath and we love it!
Here's how:

What you need:

  • One styrofoam hollow circle (for the head) 
  • Two small styrofoam circles (for the ears)
  • A hot glue gun (and plenty of glue sticks!)
  • An abundance of flowers (I did yellow and red because they are fall colors!)

Start by gluing your small styrofoam circles onto your bigger head circle.
Take the flowers off the stems. Because this is a fall wreath I tried to get as little green as possible because fall is full of fun colors!

Simply poke the flowers into the styrofoam! If your flowers don't seem to stay simply add some glue to the end of the stem. However, That did not seem to be a problem for me.

Just keep going. Make sure you get flowers everywhere so no styrofoam shows!

And that's it! 
Enjoy your cute fall Disney wreath!! Like I said super easy and fun to do!
If you make this


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