Dream Job ALERT! You Can Get Paid $1000 to Watch Disney Movies

Dream Job Alert!

This is literally the perfect gig for all Disney Fans!

Reviews.org is looking for people to watch 30 Disney movies or shows in 30 days on Disney Plus.  This will be on the newest Disney+ streaming platform that will be available on November 12!

If you do happen to be a lucky selected as a participant, on top of at least $1000, you will receive a Disney themed movie watching package and a full one-year subscription to the new Disney+ platform!

If you'd like to apply CLICK HERE!

There is going to be so many great movies and shows to watch on Disney+ and we are so excited!  Only 26 days left until we can binge watch all the Disney we can handle!


  1. I'm using a desktop computer. It seems like the link is working but takes about 30 seconds to a minute to load.