DIY Disney Inspired Halloween Outfits

I am the biggest procrastinator! I always pick out my Halloween outfits the day before Halloween (if not the day of) and then I get the worse Halloween outfits and no one can even tell who I am.
But this year will be different... maybe. 
To get a good jump on things, I put together some Disney outfits with clothes you can find in your house! So now on October 31st when I'm rushing to get the perfect Disney outfit for the day I can remember I planned for this here are four perfect Halloween outfits you probably already have in your closet!

Judy Hopps from Zootopia:
This outfit looks more complicated but I promise it's super easy! Blue Jeans, chunky belt, Blue long sleeve shirt, and (if you have it) a blue vest. Bonus points to anyone who actually have blue boots!! Otherwise any compat boot will work great! The only thing you may need to buy are the rabbit ears. 

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Mike, Sully, and Kitty from Monsters Inc.
Okay, this is the cutest group costume and is perfect for Halloween on a budget! This costume may need some planning to either paint or draw the eyes/spots on the T-shirts but other than that this is a pretty simple and straight forward outfit. A green T-shirt you draw an eye and mouth on as Mike, and a blue T-shirt with purple polka dots As for Kitty; simply a too big pink t-shit and purple pants! 
Halloween's quickly approaching, but procrastinators and busy parents fear not! Here are 15 easy, fun, last-minute family Halloween costumes!

Snow White from Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs:
This is an easy outfit (at least for me). Yellow pants/skirt, blue top, and a ruby red outfit. The shoes on this outfit can change so quickly from a darker cream to a bright red. The perfect thing about this outfit is that you get to run around with a snack all night long... just don't choke and fall into a coma
Simple DIY Halloween Costumes - Snow White ,  #costumes #halloween #simple #white

Pooh Bear from Winnie the Pooh:
The one preplanning you would need to do for this outfit is the little bear ears. Otherwise all the other items potentially available in your closet. For the honey pot; just find an old bag and write "Hunny" on it!
Need Halloween DIY inspiration? Styled By Magic has some super cute ideas.

I hope to see some of you trying out some of these ideas. If you don't have these items then take a look in your closet and see what you do have and make a costume out of that!!

Stay Magical!


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