New Merch Alert: Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers!

Who doesn't love Chip and Dale? They bring back every childhood memory whenever I see them and I love buying everything and anything that features my two favorite chipmunks. 
Thankfully Disney has my back (and now my wallet) after they released new Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers merch into the Parks!

So far we have seen...

These double-sided Loungefly bag

These two Phone Cases

This adorable Gadget's Garage shirt

The perfect Chip 'n Dale mug that I need to drink my coffee out of every morning
The characters of "Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers" on the front of a Disney Afternoon mug, found at Disneyland

Saving the best for last, My favorite is this legendary gumshoe shirt!

I can't wait to put on this shirt and see who all recognizes where it's from!!

We are all so excited to try out all this new Chip 'n' Dale merch! What is your favorite item that you absolutely have to have? Let us know in the comments!!

Stay Magical!


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