Then and Now Disney World!

On this day 48 years ago Orlando's Disney World opened its doors for the first time!
This makes me question what Florida's Magical Park looked like that first day it opened. Here we have the past and present of Walt Disney world comparison pictures.

Let's first start by looking at Mickey and Minnie. Instead of Mickey wearing his famous suit and bow tie, and Minnie wearing her polka-dot dress; they seem to be wearing regular clothing that anyone at the Park would wear. Minnie wears a yellow sundress. Mickey still has his bow tie and red pants, but they seemed to be dressed down a lot.
minnie mickey Image result for mickey and minnie at the parks
The Parades that were in the parks going down Mainstreet were much simpler, not that they were inherently simple, but compared to the now, these were simple parades. The picture on the left is a parade from October 25th, 1971!
disney parade   Image result for disney world parade\

The Mad Tea Party ride was originally outside! There was no tent above riders and they were simply outside. Lucky riders could even enjoy the ride with characters like Goofy!
goofy mad tea party   Image result for mad tea party ride disney world

These are just a few examples of how Disney World has changed in its 48 years. We can't wait to see how the attractions and characters are going to keep changing within the next 48 years!

Stay Magical!


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