We are thankful for families! The cutest Disney families!

As we all sat down yesterday with our families we know how much we have to be thankful for.
However, let's not forget the adorable families featured on Disney movies. Here are the 6 sweetest Disney family moments that hit us all in the feels

#6 The Lion King: 
At the end of the Lion King, we see Simba and Nala now married with an adorable baby cub! The true circle of life. Watching Simba at the beginning now fathering his own child. Truly the sweetest moment!
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#5 The Incredibles: 
Image result for the incredibles familyBased all on family and always taking care of one another. Being stuck in scary situations and kids always stepping up to help the family. Both of the Incredible movies show how important family is. Family; you hate them half the time but would still do anything for them.

#4 Tangled:
Oh my golly when Rapunzel finally is reunited with her family and they all hug and fall to the floor I BALLED!! Like honestly she has such a bad childhood with a horrible fake mother and a childhood where she is always locked up in her room. I did not stop crying for days. Honestly just thinking about it I still want to cry happy tears.
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#3 Coco:
Miguel has the best family (in this life and the afterlife). Sweet Hector who was first his friend and then they find out Hector is (spoiler alert) his great-grandpa! Aww, he's friends with his grandpa!! And his alive family careers so much. Although the family was framed as the bad guys at the beginning of the movie,(only because they wanted to protect Miguel) I loved the ending when they were all celebrating Dia De Los Muertos together singing and the whole family was togetherđź’“.
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#2 Meet the Robinsons:
Meet the Robinsons is such an underrated movie! Such a sweet movie where orphan Lewis searches for a family. He finds a family and falls in love with them and finds out at the end (spoiler alert) that this was his future family! When Lewis was a kid and met his new family, they were goofy and they already LOVE Lewis and Lewis is just so happy to have a family!
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#1 The Aristocats:
The best perfect Disney family is Definitely the Arisotcat family. The Duchess would give anything for her three kittens Toulouse, Marie, and Berlioz. Then adding in the Thomas O'Malley the alley cat. Who becomes a father figure to the kittens while falling in love with the Dutchess. Proving to the world that not all stepparents are evil (looking at you Cinderella).
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