The Roaring 20s!

2020 is a new year for all kinds of adventures! While Disneybounding with a vintage twist is not a new concept by any means - can we bring the roaring 20s back to some of our most loved characters? 

The 1920s held a lot of importance for fashion. Styles and hemlines that never would have been
allowed in previous periods were now accepted. The innovation, glitz, and glamour of the 20s
was a standout period. With such a fun era to work with, and the New Year we are stepping into, I am hoping we see more of this in Disney fan fashion!

Check out these fantastic inspirations to bring the roaring 20s into some of your styles! 

I am in love with this twist of setting our most loved characters into the dapper fashion of the 20s.

I, personally, am hoping this is a trend that sticks.

Is anyone else thrilled to try to create a Disney flapper look? If you try your hand at a 1920s
look, feel free to @waltlifeboxes on Instagram and share your style with us.
We’d love to see your looks!