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10 Surprising Facts About The Lion King

1. The Lion King movie title wasn’t always The Lion King

Before The Lion King was called The Lion King, the movie had different titles which included The King of Kalahari and The King of the Jungle. 

2. The Lion King was the first Disney movie to feature an original storyline

The Lion King has been billed for long as the first animated Disney film to have an original storyline (a story lime that wasn’t an adaptation of the story that has existed in the past). Some individuals however disputed the claim saying The Lion King got its inspiration from Hamlet and Kimba and the White Lion.

3. The animals and how they related to one another were different from the previous versions of the scripts

The original script featured Scar who was in charge of a pack of cruel and violent baboons and not related to Simba Simba. However, this version wrote Rafiki as a cheetah and Pumbaa and Timon were both friends with Simba from the onset.

4. The original director of The Lion King wanted the movie to be like a National Geographic documentary.

George Scribner, the director of The Lion King wanted the Lion king to be something similar to an animated National Geographic documentary before the film was turned into a musical.

5. This animated Disney movie holds the record of the highest-grossing hand-drawn animated feature of all time

With a total box office of over $986 million, Lion King is the highest-grossing hand-drawn animated feature of all time, 8th highest-grossing animated feature, a best-selling videotape of all time and the 42nd highest-grossing film of all time.

6. A lullaby called “The Lion in the Moon” was deleted from the Lion King

A lullaby called “The Lion in the Moon” which was about a protective lion spirit sung by Sarabi was removed from the film. The lullaby was supposed to be featured after Simba’s first encounter with the hyenas.

7. Disney was sued by a Hyena researcher

Disney was sued by a Hyena researcher for defamation of character because of Disney’s portrayal of animals in the film.

8. The animators took more than two years to create the stampede scene

The 2.5-minute wildebeest stampede took Disney CGI animators more than 2 years (source: the film’s press notes). Additionally, they had to write a new computer program to govern the movement of the herd.

9. The original script doesn’t have anything like “Hakuna Matata”

Instead of Hakuna Matata that was used, the original script has a song that was about eating bugs called “He’s got it all worked out”. But the research team returned from their trip to Africa with Hakuna Matata and the song was born in their meeting.

10. Animals were brought to the studio by a wildlife expert to help the animators study their movement

Real African animals like lions and hornbills were brought by wildlife expert Jim fowler at different stages of the production to the Disney studio to serve as models to the team. The wildlife expert-taught them how the lions greet each other, how they show affection and how they protect themselves.

What comes next after The Lion King?

The Lion King promised to be the "movie of the summer" and regardless of how you felt about it, it undoubtedly was the most highly-anticipated release. However, Disney has more than just a Lion King live-action remake for us movie fans on the docket, and many of those movies are in the works or have set release dates identified. Today, we're going to go through the list of upcoming Live-Action movies that we've been made aware of, and what we look forward to about each.

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

The first installment of Maleficent was a smash-hit among Disney fans all-over, and for good reason. It was a different style of story-telling than most of us are used to from Disney, and it added a delightfully different twist to a story we've all heard many times. Whether you like her or not, Angelina Jolie did do a wonderful job as the Evil Queen, and we very much look forward to the upcoming movie that will be released in theaters on October 19th of this year.


We keep growing more and more excited for this movie as time draws closer to 2020. Although there was some backlash when the movie was announced and the spec-script was released, due to some casting controversies, those have been largely reduced to null as the lineup of actors and actresses has now been showcased. This movie promises to capture the struggle between tradition and aspirations that the first one so expertly maneuvered, and on top of that, the action scenes seem to be choreographed beautifully based on the trailers we've been exposed to. With a release date set for March 27 of next year, 2020 could not come soon enough.

Lady and the Tramp

Whaaaaaat?! Yes. Yes, it's true, and we are so so excited for it. While we're not sure when it will debut, the movie will be streaming exclusively on Disney+! It won't be the first project on Disney's new streaming platform that will be available exclusively through the app, but it's interesting to see that a movie that, let's face it, would absolutely crush at the box offices may not even see the theater. Are we in a new era of movies and television? Yes, of course. But, are we past the intimacy and nostalgia of a theater setting for widespread anticipation of films? We will have to wait and see. Set to star Justin Theroux and Tessa Thompson, the movie's release date is still not set in stone.

The Little Mermaid

While the announcement of the new Ariel may have come with some, albeit unnecessary, disgruntled response, the movie does promise to be a fun reimagining of the original animated version. With Melissa McCarthy slated to play the timeless villain Ursula, and several other awesome actors and actresses on deck for the supporting cast, the shining star of the movie Halle Bailey will absolutely prove to be a wonderful casting decision, in our opinion. We still don't have a release date announced, but when it is, we'll be marking our calender and crossing off any other engagements for the special day.

Snow White

The reports are in, and the verdict is here, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves is going to be returning to the big screen in another Disney Live-Action remake! While we have our reservations for how this one might turn out, being that the dwarves are actual humanoid beings (sometimes, CGI goes a little overboard when it comes to humanoids), we're as excited as ever for this remake. Because it was the very first feature animation from Disney, this movie will likely have the largest difference in production quality in comparison to the rest of the live-action reboots, so it will be very interesting to see how the World in which Snow White resides evolves into its newly created image.


One of the most notorious villains in the Disney catalog, Cruella de Vil has certainly earned a center-stage role in her own feature film. This live-action movie will star Emma Stone, who has shown her stripes over the years in many a role, and she's set to bring a new twist to the storyline of Cruella with this reportedly "80s-era origin story". Origin story? That's the word, for now. We're not getting a movie about the Cruella we know, rather, the Cruella that became the one we know. Interesting, isn't it? We're certainly intrigued by the idea, and we're interested to see where it leads.

OH MY GOODNESS THE SOUNDTRACK IS OUT | Lion King Official Soundtrack

One of the most amazing things about the movie The Lion King was, obviously, the soundtrack. I mean, how many times have you just broken out in "Can You Feel The Love Tonight?"; for me, the number is legitimately countless. Well, good news Lion King fans (so, everyone...?), the official soundtrack for the new movie has officially been released. We have arrived in the promise land. First of all, it's incredible. Second of all, we're going to talk about it, because, what else is there to talk about?
© Disney

The Songs

The soundtrack features every song you're hoping for, and then some. The full tracklist is listed below:
  1. Circle of Life/Nants' Ingonyama
  2. Life's Not Fair
  3. Rafiki's Fireflies
  4. I Just Can't Wait To Be King
  5. Elephant Graveyard
  6. Be Prepared (2019)
  7. Stampede
  8. Scar Takes The Throne
  9. Hakuna Matata
  10. Simba Is Alive!
  11. The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Full Version)
  12. Can You Feel The Love Tonight
  13. Reflections of Mufasa
  14. Spirit
  15. Battle for Pride Rock
  16. Remember
  17. Never Too Late
  18. He Lives in You
  19. Mbube
As you can see, the hits are there. But, there are also some additional songs that we're extra excited about because the tones lend themselves to a very beautiful on-screen value. For example, "Elephant Graveyard" is, as expected, very dark and finds a home in a very powerful Minor Key arrangement. It's more intense than the soundtrack version from the previous film, so we can imagine that this movie's version is going to be extremely interesting. Another example is the song "Stampede", which obviously will be in the background of one of the most intense scenes in the movie (spoiler alert: Mufasa doesn't make it through the stampede...).

The Surprises

First of all, Scar is going to be excellent. Chiwetel Ejiofor is one of the best actors of our time, that's not news. He was brilliant in 12 Years a Slave as well as Doctor Strange, but he is going to be chilling as Scar. Boy, we cannot wait for his debut in live-action animation. Another pleasant surprise was "I Just Can't Wait To Be King" particularly because Simba can sing his little lion butt off. His runs in the song are so impressive, and the Zazu inclusions are also really well done. That scene promises to be a truly fun highlight of the movie, as it was in the original animated version. One thing we were surprised about, going back to Scar, was "Be Prepared". In the soundtrack, there's far more talking than there is singing, but we're not sure if that means the scene will be that way or if there will be more of an instrumental interlude rather than singing throughout, or if the scene will simply be Scar talking...regardless, as we mentioned, it's chilling. As it should be. The final surprise from the soundtrack

The Favorites

When it comes to things as incredible as this soundtrack absolutely is, picking favorites becomes a difficult, and seemingly disingenuous, task. Truthfully, we absolutely loved all of the songs. There legitimately wasn't one that we didn't enjoy. Hans Zimmer is an incredible composer, and he deserves all of the praise you could possibly throw at him for his work. "Elephant Graveyard" is so beautiful, so full, so powerful, and seriously so incredible. If we had to pick favorites, though, here they are listed in order. 
  1. Can You Feel The Love Tonight
  2. Hakuna Matata
  3. I Just Can't Wait To Be King
  4. Elephant Graveyard
  5. Simba is Alive
As we mentioned, truly, top to bottom, this soundtrack is just full of incredible composition and beautiful vocals. Like, as if "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" couldn't have gotten more beautiful, Beyonce absolutely crushes this song. Crushes. Chills. The whole time. Chills. Also, Donald Glover, as we know, has a beautiful voice as well, and he does an incredible job of simply letting her taking the front seat in the song. 

This movie is going to be so awesome. So so awesome. We cannot wait. 

Disney Live-Action Remakes: What Is and Will Be!

Disney's been going all-in on the Live-Action remakes over the last handful of years, but you might remember it's a realm they went into before with titles like 101 Dalmatians! While they've released several in the 2010's, there are promises for even more coming down the production line, and they're something we're very excited for! Check out this comprehensive list of all of the current Live-Action remakes for you to watch, as well as the ones you'll want to put on your calendar! *Keep in mind, we are talking about remakes exclusively here. Christopher Robin, although delightful, is not the remake of another film, as much as we want to include it here! Also, Pete's Dragon was originally a live-action animation-mix, so we didn't feel like it fit here either. 

1. 101 Dalmatians (1996) | Original: One Hundred and One Dalmatians

The original One Hundred and One Dalmatians was an instant-classic; definitely a movie I remember watching and loving so much! When the Live-Action remake was released in 1996, I was so excited. I was very little at the time, so it was right around the age that I saw the original. I absolutely loved the remake, but in my opinion, it is not the strongest of the other Live-Action remakes we've been exposed to as of late.

2. Maleficent (2014) | Original: Sleeping Beauty

Okay, we barely get away with including this movie on the list, since it's not a direct remake, but it definitely is a Live-Action "re-look" at an old story! While the original was a fairytale from top to bottom, the remake has a darker feeling and focuses primarily on the antagonist of the original.

3. Cinderella (2015) | Original: Cinderella

Not their most-successful remake to-date, but definitely one that people enjoyed, Cinderella was a Live-Action look at the old, and ever-infamous, story of Cinderella and the ball. It's beautifully done, with so many amazing colors and effects, and I personally feel like they did a great job of capturing the essence of the original film.

4. The Jungle Book (2016) | Original: The Jungle Book

None of the preceding Live-Action movies even came close to the success of The Jungle Book by the public's standards, as this particular remake was so widely loved, it was hard to miss! With some big-name players involved in the cast, there was certainly a bubbling of anticipation, and in my opinion, Jon Favreau and those who were involved absolutely nailed it! To date, it's my favorite Live-Action remake. Hands down. (I'm holding my breath for another upcoming movie, though.)

5. Beauty and the Beast (2017) | Original: Beauty and the Beast

Certainly, the most-successful commercially of all of the remakes, Beauty and the Beast featured another star-studded cast of characters, and an incredible blend of song, dance, and regular acting just like the original! Emma Watson played the beloved Belle, and critics and fans alike have certainly approved of her work. It's a visual masterpiece, and if you haven't seen it yet, you owe yourself the treat.

We're entering the future now...

6. Dumbo (2019) | Original: Dumbo

The first time I saw the trailer for this movie I cried. I'm not lying. I actually cried. Granted, I'm a notoriously emotional person, and I cry all the time. However, this movie just looks like it's going to be so incredible and will have some really powerful messages; just like the original! I cannot wait to see what Disney has in store for us with this one.

7. Aladdin (2019) | Original: Aladdin

Make way for Prince Ali! The original, featuring one of my favorite actors ever (Robin Williams), was on repeat in my house as a kid. I swear, I watched that movie a thousand times. It always makes me so happy, and I won't lie to you, I used to walk around doing the voices in the movie all the time! “Ten thousand years will give you such a crick in the neck!” lol. I loved the original so much. I hope Will Smith and the rest of the cast lives up to expectations!

8. The Lion King (2019) | Original: The Lion King

Remember earlier when I said I was holding my breath...this is what I'm holding it for. If there's a single movie I watched more than Aladdin as a child, it was The Lion King. The dynamic duo of Timmone and Pumbaa was just so funny back then! (...still is if you ask me!) Also, the story (a re-imagining of Hamlet) is done so well, and really taught some important lessons to me. I hope that the new version is the "movie of the generation" like the original was, because they deserve a movie just as fantastic!

Disney Movies To Put On Your Calendar!

Where would we be without Magical Disney movies to look forward to? My calendar is certainly full, and after reading this blog, I'm sure yours will be, too! There's tons of new stuff hitting the theaters over the next year that we're sure you won't want to miss! Check out this list of upcoming Disney flicks so you can plan for a Magical time!

We'll go monthly in chronological order to make things easier on you and your schedule, starting with the movie that none of us can wait any longer for, Christopher Robin!

Christopher Robin (August 3rd, 2018)

© Disney

Winnie the Pooh was definitely a part of my childhood, and I'm sure he was a part of yours, too! In fact, I was obsessed particular episode of The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh in which the infamous, "The Rain Rain Rain" is sung - it was my absolute favorite video to watch! I can't wait to see what Disney has in store for us with this Live-Action retelling of the story of the Hundred Acre Wood. It's going to be a truly Magical experience!

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms (November 2nd, 2018)
Although I wouldn't consider myself a passionate fan of the story of the Nutcracker, I played a Candy Cane in my elementary school production of the play, so you could call me an expert...Ahem...maybe not, but still! It is a great story, and it's a movie that Disney will have the creative freedom to expand upon! While I'm unsure about the plot and what it will entail, I cannot wait to see what the Four Realms are like!

Ralph Breaks the Internet (November 21st, 2018)
Wreck-It-Ralph was an instant classic, featuring some of Hollywood's funniest actors and actresses, that also managed to be an adorable and inspiring story! The second installment promises to be just as adventurous as the first, if not even more adventurous! Recently released screen captures of moments in the movie showcase a scene in which Venellope meets all of the Disney Princesses in one room. What will come of their meeting? We'll find out soon!

Mary Poppins Returns (December 19th, 2018)
© Disney

Few movies have ever been as iconic as the first edition of Mary Poppins. I've only had the privilege of seeing it a few times over the course of my life, but it certainly made an impact on me! I'm very excited to see what Disney does with this remake; the trailer looks amazing, but it's also really hard to tell what the plot will look like! Emily Blunt and Lin Manuel Miranda appear to be integral parts of the film, obviously Emily Blunt is playing Mary Poppins, but I very much look forward to their adventures with the kids!

Dumbo (March 29th, 2019)Much like the first movie, the live-action edition of Dumbo promises to be quite the tear-jerker. I'm certain that, in part, it's just because Dumbo is just such an adorable little elephant, but out of all of the early Disney stories, this seems to be the one that touches my heart the most. I'm really excited to see how it compares to the first since Disney has totally nailed the last few live-action remakes. Also, I just can't wait to see Danny DeVito in the circus.

Aladdin (May 24th, 2019)Back-to-back live-action remakes are quite the task, but if anyone is up for it, it's the Magical folks at Disney! Aladdin is staged to be a retelling of the original hit film, with some big name actors on the bill. Will Smith is set to play the Genie, and Naomi Scott will be the beloved Princess Jasmine. While there isn't even a trailer available at this time, I'd be willing to bet Aladdin is going to be everything we could hope for!

Toy Story 4 (June 21st, 2019)
The first Toy Story film not directed by John Lasseter, Toy Story 4 is reportedly the story of Woody and Bo Peep's love! Josh Cooley will be the leader in the clubhouse this time around (Director), while Tom Hanks back as Woody! Several franchises have gone a little too far with sequels in the past, but personally, I need another Toy Story movie in my life. Don't you?!

The Lion King (July 19th, 2019)
I just got done writing about Toy Story when I realized we have another live-action remake in the works. One by the name of The Lion King, and one that I am most excited for. The Lion King was easily my favorite movie when I was a little kid, and I cannot wait to see what Jon Favreau has in store for us. It's been reported, and Tweeted about extensively, that the first footage of the film (released at the D23 Expo) was so good the audience gave a standing ovation! Some even cried...

If the opening scene was enough to bring tears to the eyes of film critics, I cannot imagine what I'll be thinking when I see it for the first time!

Wow! What a list! This doesn't even bring us through the end of 2019, but it runs us up to the end of the next 365 days. I like to plan my movie-going experience, don't get me wrong, but the minute I start thinking about August of 2019 is the minute I forget what I'm supposed to be doing tomorrow! We hope you enjoyed today's blog! See you next week!

Stay Magical!